The Escuela de Arte y Antigüedades starts with the intention of satisfying the demand in Madrid of a specialised centre in the study of the different aspects of the works of art - its history, expertising, market valuing and conservation - with highly qualified teachers and a carefully elaborated study program.

The E.A.A. was founded in 1988, with several monographic courses about Decorative Arts and Painting and the organisation of the Anticuary career. Since then, the reputation of the centre has improved, as a consequence of its professionality and the seriousness and scientific interest of the courses, organised within or outside the school. We have ocasionally collaborated with different public institutions as well as private in different parts of Spain and abroad, related with the antique dealers, conservators, decorators and university students.

In the course 1996/97 the E.A.A. signed a collaboration agreement with the National Federation of Antique Dealers in Spain, which recognised the Anticuary studies.

At the moment, the E.A.A. develops its didactic activity in two different aspects, although complementary. From one side it has specialising courses in Anticuary, Decorative Arts, Expertise and value of works of art, Conservation of antique and contemporary Paintings, Furniture, Textiles, Paper and Bindings, and Ceramic, with a duration of one to three years.

On the other side, it offers an annual program of monographic courses of varied contents and duration, which cover a wide field for anybody interested in Art, Antiquities, Conservation and Decorative Techniques.